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No of Seeds : 30 seeds

  • Type of plant: Dill is a biennial herb often grown as an annual.
  • Growing season: Spring through fall
  • Hardiness: Dill tolerates cold and heat.
  • Plant form and size: Dill is a bushy plant with feathery foliage that grows 2 to 4 feet tall and half as wide; each plant grows a single hollow stem with umbrella-shaped flower heads.
  • Flowers: Dill has small greenish-yellow flowers bloom on flat-topped clusters or umbels about 6 inches across; seeds ripen in early autumn.
  • Bloom time: Mid-summer to autumn
  • Leaves: Finely-cut, feathery blue-green leaves similar to fennel but shorter and smaller atop hollow stems with green and white stripes.
  • Seeds: Dill seeds are flat, oval, and light-brown; seeds follow the blossoms.

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