Sukkan Keerai

Sukkan Keerai grows so easily and effortlessly at home. You can grow it in any container that’s at least 6 inches deep and a feet wide. It likes a lot of sun but not too much that it burns the leaves. So plant it in semi-sun or an area which receives sun for about 4-5 hrs a day. Sukkan is hence very well suited for balcony gardening too. You can sow these seeds in a container with just coco peat or a mixture of coco peat, compost and red mud, cover it with a tiny layer of and water just to keep the soil moist. You will be able to see tiny seedlings in 2-3 days and within a month, you would have bright green Sukkan leaves ready for harvest. Harvest the outer big leaves and leave the small ones inside to grow.

No of seeds : 100

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