Zinnia Purple Seeds

Zinnia flowers (Zinnia elegans) are a colorful and long lasting addition to the flower garden. When you learn how to plant zinnias for your area, you’ll be able to add this popular annual to sunny areas that benefit from their perky blooms. Zinnia plants can be inexpensive, particularly when growing them from seed. Seeds of zinnia flowers should usually be sown directly into the sunny flower bed, as developing roots do not like to be disturbed. If you wish to start growing zinnia plants from seeds indoors, plant the seeds in peat pots, poo pots (pots made from cow dung) or other biodegradable containers that can be planted directly into the garden later. Start seeds four to six weeks before the last frost date in your area. Zinnias begin to show growth outdoors when temperatures are above 50 F. (10 C).

No of Seeds : 30 seeds

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