How can we support our customers?

Customer Service is critical in the ongoing relationship between the companies and their customers. As the rise of internet penetration in India more people are entering and we from Garden Hunt embrace this growth and would like to respond them in a personal and timely manner.

1. We offer Multi channel Support

Today most of the customers use more than one channel and expecting to get the proper reply. Hence we are offering multi channel support in Garden Hunt. You can contact us through any channel namely online website chat, mail, phone, Facebook, WhatsApp etc

2. We listen to you on Social Media

Why is that important for us? Because customers are buying the products from companies where they are treated and responded well. We believe and trying consistently to listen to you in Social Media.

3. We track all of our customer interactions

Tracking helps us to eliminate confusion when there is multi channel support. We track the interactions in all channels which helps both the customers and our company to understand better.

4. We provide Online Chat

We believe Online Chat in the store will help the customers to immediately reach us with fewer details. You can chat us with any time in the website itself.

5. We focus on timely responses

Every other chat facilities will find difficulty when we won’t response to you in quick manner. Our Team focusing more in timely responses with proper details.

6. Payment & Delivery

We are using the trusted and reliable payment gateway for the payments. If there is any failure in transaction it will be reverted back to your account within 7 working days. You can place an order and pay from any payment methods available in the gateway ( Credit/Debit card, E wallets, UPI etc).

Once you place the order we will ship the item on the same day or the next day earlier. You can also track your item in your account. It will take 2-4 days to reach depend on your location.

7. Great Service

There are multiple tools we are using to track all the customer interactions, from any channel, all in one place. So, we will provide you a great service  with consistent experience.