Basella rubra / Malabar spinach Red

Malabar spinach is a climbing plant.  It grows best in full sun.  It prefers continuously moist soil and a PH level of 6.5 to 6.8.  It can be grown in pots or in a garden with a trellis or up a wall.  If the soil becomes dry it will flower and the leaves have a much more bitter flavor.

Malabar spinach can be grown from seed.  To start from seed, plant the seeds indoors 6-8 weeks before the last frost in your area.  Seeds should germinate in 10 days to 3 weeks.  If you want to speed up your seedling’s growth, you can either soak them in water overnight before planting, or use a knife to open up the hard exterior seed coating.

No of Seeds : 25 seeds

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